Monthly Archives: February 2014

some things

Some things disappear in
an instant, like a candle
in a cool breeze.

Some things stay, or are
left behind. The familiar 
keepsake comes to mind.

Some things exist only
in people’s minds. With them
they fade out of existence.

Some things are commemorated
through statues and monument.
In time, they slowly erode to nothingness.


What If?

“What if poets write for readers to explain?”

We remained, static, and
The “we” we retained.
We waited for the inevitable
The conclusive downbeat.

We thought we were safe
From the sift and strife
Of banal, ordinary life.
Love, we thought, could save.

We never knew what hit us.
The winds and rains were too much.
We thought we would last
But everything came and left too fast.

Who knew that the chorus was
To come? Somehow, I did, yes.
But I did not expect that
“We” would not be there to
Listen to the mournful symphony.

“What if readers read to explain and teach?”

When The Stars Were Shining, There You Were, Too

My eyes often wandered as if
Tourists in a foreign country
To the vast dark expanse
Of the great night sky.

When great opaque clouds are
Merciful enough, I peeked at the
Countless stars dotting the heavens.
Sometimes I see a plane or two.

In my loneliness I befriended
The immortal and timeless Orion.
Like him, I fought battles and wars
And earned quite a few scars.

One day, to my surprise, it seemed
As if he were missing a star, maybe two.
Has the light faded, I asked myself,
From lightyears and decades away?

And, as if from nowhere, a voice
As smooth as silk. I know her.
The one who turns night to day
And stays with me no matter what.

I look up, this time not
At the dreariness of the night
But at the one who went
And lay with me. I swear
That she made the stars
Seem dull as unsharpened pencils.

Our eyes wandered, as if
Tourists in a foreign country
To the vast dark expanse
Of the great night sky.