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exercises in repetitions

and she has gone with the night light
and she has gone, the night light
and she has gone, the light
and she has gone, the night
and she, the light
has gone



We look to the heavens to seek our stories, but we often forget that they have their own, too. Here’s one.

One night, one of the older stars that dotted the sky took his son and sat him down. They faced outside and looked at the planets and rocks that drifted aimlessly. The father pointed to the planet Earth.

“Look there!” he said. “Look for the parts which seem to flicker in and out of sight.” The son did what his father asked, and was mesmerized by what he saw, islands that seemed to be and not be in seconds. He watched as these slowly rotated out of view.

“Wow!” the son exclaimed. “I’ve never seen anything like that! Usually around this time I’m just playing tag with my friends. That was beautiful, Dad! I’ll make sure to tell my friends next time.” The older star smiled.

“Did you know that the people in those islands say the same thing about us? They would look up to the sky and trace us from a distance. They tried making images and stories through us, and they would often look up and wonder at us.” The star cleared his throat and continued, “Whenever you were away playing with your friends, I could almost swear that I hear whispers, something about having their wishes granted. And I would pray for them so that their wishes may come true.”

“But they never knew that we would also be looking from afar, admiring the patterns of their man-made lights. They would never know that somewhere in the vastness of their night skies, millions of light years away, someone would be watching. Someone would observe them live, succeed in their careers, and watch them fall in and out of love. They may never know that there will always be someone rooting for them, always praying that they would succeed the first time. I would always shine a little brighter when they achieve their dreams.”

The father looked at his son, who had already fallen asleep. Someday, you’ll understand all these. They need us, and we need them. He stared at a distance, at the planet we call Earth. In a few hours another nation will look to the heavens.

When The Stars Were Shining, There You Were, Too

My eyes often wandered as if
Tourists in a foreign country
To the vast dark expanse
Of the great night sky.

When great opaque clouds are
Merciful enough, I peeked at the
Countless stars dotting the heavens.
Sometimes I see a plane or two.

In my loneliness I befriended
The immortal and timeless Orion.
Like him, I fought battles and wars
And earned quite a few scars.

One day, to my surprise, it seemed
As if he were missing a star, maybe two.
Has the light faded, I asked myself,
From lightyears and decades away?

And, as if from nowhere, a voice
As smooth as silk. I know her.
The one who turns night to day
And stays with me no matter what.

I look up, this time not
At the dreariness of the night
But at the one who went
And lay with me. I swear
That she made the stars
Seem dull as unsharpened pencils.

Our eyes wandered, as if
Tourists in a foreign country
To the vast dark expanse
Of the great night sky.